TQTVD was born with the spirit of technological innovation promoted by the Brazilian Digital TV, considered the world's most advanced digital TV standard.

Belonging to TOTVS group, is the unit that operates in the development and marketing of products and software solutions for digital television and consists of two main business units:


TQTVD is present in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.


    It is the division of TQTVD focused on creating innovative software solutions for a wide variety of clients. The main focus is the middleware AstroTV and products to assist equipment manufacturers of Digital TV products, which includes Set-top boxes, mobile and portable receivers. TQTVD Products also offers software solutions for broadcasters, content providers and distributors and the interactive advertising market.


    This area is focused on establishing relationships with customers, such as broadcasters, advertising agencies and any other branches of business demanding applications for interactive digital TV. Our potential customers are all companies that can be part of this new Digital TV ecosystem "chain value". Thus, the goal of TQTVD Professional Services is exploring all possible scenarios of Interactive use, providing solutions and services to market.


TOTVS SA, through the divisions Logocenter, Microsiga, RM Systems, and TOTVS Consulting, works in development and marketing software integrated business management and provision of related services.

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